January 31st, 2010


rub a dub

It's been cold the past few days up hurr in Murrrland, snowing and flaking and whiting and colding like a sunovabitch. Temperatures in the 30s, then 20s, then teens and maybe even tweens tonight. Which was fine and dandy except for A) little to no warning, which meant that there weren't any goddamned snowplows on the road, causing basically Disney on Ice all over Columbia, sliding everywhere and almost crashing sideways into more than a few SUVs, and B) my goddamned heater broke a few days ago. Something went wonky in the electrics and the breaker keeps tripping, the split-second I reset the breaker, tripping again.

I went to the depot and bought another space-heater, and used that and my two other heaters, and gave my electric heater-pad to the dog. I've been spending a lot of time in the shower, which is great since I like warm water and touching myself, but my skin is always pruney or dried out. I'd call maintenance but I don't want them to come over and see my motorcycle and evict me in the dead of winter like some kind of Dickensian orphan, fingers stained with candle-black and with whalebone rickets-braces on my legs. So I'll just endure the cold for a bit longer. Actually I'll probably save a mint on my electricity bill (over 300 dollars this past month). I could use the break on the bills anyway.

As a random thing I'll post a (sadly poorly-scanned) picture of me just before I went skydiving, just having turned 13 years old. My dad bribed the skydiving guy to let me dive since the age requirement was 16. But as you can see I was a very confident 13 year-old.