January 10th, 2010


Sappin my sentry

I was playing a few different games on Steam over the past couple of months, mostly low-speed games, since my work computer is too slow to parse the graphics of the faster games in real time and I can't keep up at all. Then I realized that I have a work 'graphics' computer right behind my bench for use with some DNA modeling software.. I installed steam and holy shit, it's perfect. Widescreen monitor, too. I can play Team Fortress 2 perfectly fine on that thing. That is, if I actually could play it well.

But I'm not too bad a player, considering I've not touched a FPS for more than 3 days at a time since Rise of the Triad in the mid 90s. But 38 TF2 Achievements in 2 days! I friggin love that game. On the right computer, anyway. Even dying is fun. I've just got to stop playing during work. Before or after work, and only for an hour or two. The past couple of days I played way too late.. screw it I had fun..