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October 23rd, 2009

scenes of decay

I ordered some 32P the other day and it arrived. They let me pick it up today late (I didn't know they only let you pick up until noon -- strange hours). If you ever wanted to know what radioactive stuff looks like, take a look-see:

My primers for the EMSA/supershift assay just went out (230 bucks, on my credit card for reasons that embarass me) so they won't be in until Tuesday I guess. I hope they work, as 32P has a relatively quick radioactive decay and I might have to re-order if I have to wait for another set of primers to arrive.

I just found out that there are two conventions in the northeast in the next few months, Furry New Years Ball and Foxmas. I don't know anything about them except that they are supposed to be new and maybe not so huge. Although finding the time off to go would be less than likely depending on how far away they are.

My sister and mother arrive tomorrow afternoon (for what reasons, I can't determine) to stay until Monday afternoon, so I'll be going to work early to do whatever I can before picking them up from BWI (if you've ever been in their arrivals lane you can literally smell the jackboots stomping). Shit, I need to wash clothes and stow my fursuit.


Drive me insane

I finally ordered an enclosure for my two 3.5 hard drives. I had two but gave them away without thinking that I might want to use these drives again. One should be enough I guess. I also ordered a new 1TB external drive which I'll use to put my two 3.5 ATA drives onto, as well as my 2.5 external drive. I ordered a male-to-male cable so I can actually use that again too. I must have so much porno on those drives, mmmm. uh, and several thousands of emails and AIM/ICQ/IRC/MUCK chats dating back to possibly 2000, which should be, ehh, fun to read. I want to consolidate everything together. I'll also put all my iTunes libraries together so I won't be using up my work computer for that. And, I can auto-update my work junk a little too.