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October 14th, 2009

Bedding by VWR

The only drinks from the machine that I can stomach are caffeinated,so I took a couple benadryl and managed to pass out around 1 AM. I went into the microscope room, which is carpeted, and slept on a pile of dirty lab coats with my headphones in. I woke up at around 6:30 and walked halfway to the car shop and cabbed it the other half. Picked up the truck and drove home to shower and cycle the laundry, and brought the dog to be boarded. Her vacation starts a day before mine does.

Looks like my investment guy's flight was delayed, and with my scheduling I don't think I'll be able to meet him while he's in town. I didn't have much to talk about anyway.

I'm surprisingly not dead tired. I had two large coffees already, which helps. I guess I can sleep pretty well no matter where I am if I have to. I'm not looking forward to packing this evening though. I hope I can tidy things up here early enough that I won't have to stay after our lab meeting. I hate doing things so last-minute but it's a hard habit to break.


Come on everybody, let's do the Mario

The DOW topped 10K today (briefly). Not bad for me and you (if you're smart enough to have bought heartily over the past year and a half). My money man reminded me via email that I should be making contributions to my Roth IRA, which I'd love to do except for 1)I can't afford to at all and 2)I don't have an IRA. I have all the paperwork for it sitting on my desk for a year now and haven't gone through the trouble because of 1) and 3)I don't have the time to go down there and set one up. Sad but at least temporarily true.

My day got a little sadder to learn that Captain Lou Albano died today. He was something close to 80, which for a wrestler is Methuselan. I'd put a couple of rubber bands in my hair if I still had a goatee long enough. Does anyone remember the theme song from the Super Mario Brothers Super Show?