September 22nd, 2009


Mephit Inn [NO VACANCY]

I finally returned my cousin's voicemail today. He, his wife & toddler, his parents, and maybe his sister, are all staying overnight in the Baltimore area Thursday to fly out early Fri morning to Texas. I offered to have them stay at my apartment instead of a hotel room, so they're going to meet up with me in a couple of days for dinner and then crash. I don't know how I'm going to fit me and 4-5 adults, on kid, and my dog in my one-bedroom apartment.. I'll figure it out though. Luckily I didn't move my bike inside last weekend. Thankfully the cleaning people are coming by tomorrow to vacuum the carpets and such. I'll spend tonight and tomorrow making my joint presentable (as possible, at least). Hmm, I really have to clean up some more.

Also I went to get my truck inspected for MD plates last Friday and failed due to a small, filled-in rock chip that was behind the mirror of the windshield. So I just got back from having my windshield replaced on-site; I have to wait until next week to get reinspected though. Did I mention how much I hate this state?