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September 17th, 2009


This is what will happen if you take off your hat (and break your ankle I guess).

No more evil weed, redregon! This is you from the future -- a bleak precipice from which you can still step back! The ghost of munchies yet to come has done his work and can now fade back into the carved sandalwood doorway-beads from which he was driven..


Just doesn't ad up

My sister asked me for my mst3k-esque "patented hilarious wittiness" describing what the people in these images might be saying. My brother-in-law is trying to make up things for his ad job so they gave me these images to work with. I may or may not get squealing drunk tonight to help make the funny unafraid of its shadow, but if you have any lovely quotes for these, I'll pass them along and you'll be in pictures, kiddo!