September 2nd, 2009


I only have an alter-superego

Do you ever keep an alter-ego online? Like a separate LJ or Facebook, twitter, whatever whatever account, which is not 'you', that is to say not the 'you' which you let your friends know about? For posting dirty pictures or sob stories or chronicling your weightloss saga, anything you feel ashamed to have anyone you know see? Do you keep it private or do you expose it to the ether, where strangers see and comment on it, with you wrapped in the psychic blanket of anonymity? I don't know of any people on my LJ friends list who list their real name. Are we hiding from our bosses, our Moms and Dads, our cubicle-neighbors? If they found out, what would we do and where would we go? To the next username and user icon? Would you rather have your RL friends find your primary online accounts, or your primary account friends find your super-secret accounts?

Living in a place nowhere near any of my knew-them-from-back-then, "IRL" friends like I do and have done for several years now, everyone has become somewhat the same in many ways to me, both my 'online' and 'offline' (but I guess now online too) friends. Ones and zeros, userpics and .sig files. Maybe that's why I care a little less about who knows what. I put a lot of info out there, which can lead to "OMG Stalker"ing, as someone said to me recently, but as I told them I keep essentially anonymous through being utterly boring online. I always answer people truthfully as possible when they ask me anything as I'm way too average-Joe to give people any information I would sweat over.

Also, uh what's up with pedobear on eBay? I guess this is where Sabot got his from.

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