August 31st, 2009

i like puddin

I'm waiting by the phone

Nerf is 40 years old, can you believe it? I love basically anything from Nerf. Even the name is awesome. Nerf. It's onomonopoetic in a way that you can absolutely SLAM into your little sister's face and not have to worry about her bawling like a NAMBLA nephew to mom & dad. All my Nerf toys got sun-rotted or water-rotted, or corgi-chewed, or thrown out when I got pubic hair. Maybe I'll buy some foam balls on eBay and Nerf it up some for laughs.

Also listening to all this harder music lately has really reminded me how I miss slamdancing. In middleschool I was introduced to the concept of a moshpit at the school dances. During the periods which I had no middle school girlfriend, My friends and I would stand in front of the DJ table and beg him to play some Nirvana, Ministry, Soul Asylum, whatever we thought he had that you could slamdance to --

And when he finally relented and tore a hole in the hour-long Bel Biv Devoe-Boyz II Men-Vanilla Ice block and play something good, we would rush back to the bleachers as the other kids rushed the table booing and waving their fists in a "Lean On Me"-esque riot, and start swinging our heads up and down, back and forth, hair flopping as best as we could get it to, jumping off the high seats onto each other and throwing elbows, stomping and crowing like pygmy Iroquois. There's something about the feeling of shoving your friend into the carriage-bolted pine wall as hard as you can while getting a friendly boot in the small of your back that is A-ok because you know as soon as your assailant-friend picks you up, you'll pick up your victim-friend run back to the DJ for more plaintive yelling.

As far as the recent hocking of Marvel to Disney, I have only once concern, summed up by Last week's Wonderella:

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