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August 24th, 2009

One part "should've had a handler", one part "never run in a fursuit you can't see out of":

In other news I seem to have gone to bed like 10 of the past 14 days with all my clothes on and the lights ablaze. I can sleep through almost anything, even my car keys embedded in my right kidney, unfortunately.



We have a MS student (I think it's MS) who's doing some part-time jobbing in our lab as a dishwashwer/gofer/whatever, and she's doing a little benchwork while she's here, under the direction of the PhD student who did her jobbing before she came. Earlier she was using the bacterial prep area, next to my bench, while I was loading some gels. While I was loading I smelled something funny, and looked over at her area, to find that she had set her head on fire. She didn't seem to be aware of it though, even though burnt-hair smell coursed through the lab. I let her know that this smell is a biomarker of cooked hair, but it didn't phase her much. Hmm.