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July 16th, 2009

illicit alien

I didn't take any pictures of AC this year, except for a couple with my camphone. I used to bring several el-cheapo disposables, but they're too bulky, they switched the film to that grainy-as-shit 800 speed crap, and I ended up getting half of the shots as too dark/half-frame-wound/Cougar's surprised eyes and forehead. I brought my surprisingly-nice digital but it stayed in the bag. Videos, as you've already seen, I took (and that was only a small "not going to get me in trouble" selection). Cougar took a few and I culled some from there and from the ginormous AC Flickr group and put them on my Google images site. Actually not so many of me this year but despite my bruised narcissism I will return next year.

From Anthrocon 2009

From Anthrocon 2009

From Anthrocon 2009

I just today registered for FurFright, which is in October. I was considering going to Megaplex in a week or two but costs and time away from work is difficult right now. Even in the pleasant knowledge that I made enough money back in my investments this month to buy a new car (or I would've if I hadn't lost enough last year to buy a house).

also lol mood icon, first time in 5 years?