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June 2nd, 2009


I read a lot of blogs mostly every day (129 of them by today's count, I add and drop them all the time). I therefore read a lot of crap, which makes me wonder how I got led to the blog to begin with, and also I read a lot of insightful stuff, which makes my procrastination (and I'm sure 90+% of blog-reading is procrastination unless we're all doing it on our lunch breaks only) worth it.

An example of something that pissed me off is from one of the 'science' blogs, Greg Laden's Blog, which while overall an okay blog, had the blogger giving an example of how he was 'observing' some culture in S. America and witnessed a gang-rape, and did nothing to stop it. In the comments, people were for the most part sympathetic to his complicity, though to be fair there were a few who, devolution into arguments over universal morality notwithstanding, rightly recognized that what he did (not) do was simply immoral and frankly unfit for a self-identifying scientist or even human.

An example of something that I did like is The Art of Manliness blog, which to be fair has had points of view which I thought were ridiculous and actually bordering on feminist, but overall were pretty good. They are running a series this month called "30 Days to a better man", which is listing tasks which are supposed to be kind of androgenous (yeah I spelled it correctly). I would take it with a skeptical attitude but not not a cynical one. For the most part the message from this blog is good, though I would prefer a different messenger at times.


Little boys and littler men

Discussion recently about pedophiles and how we react to them has been interesting, and I have to say I almost enjoy when something very controversial happens within a group of people I know, because it gives me an opportunity to see how they react to it and get a reading on what sort of people I associate with. I've been pretty saddened by the way some people have behaved in discussions and what I've learned about their personalities and fetishes, and otherwise pleased by what I saw in others. For example of the good, Redregon essentially kicked somebody off of his friendslist over being a defender of pedophilia (although I think that post and/or comments may be gone now), and that surprised me because he's such a hippy (no offense man, heh) and made me wonder if there were people on mine that might defend it as well.

Since I'm not a hippy and absolutely not about peace/love/happines, I feel rather sad both that I haven't said it before and that I even might need to say it, but let me take this opportunity to ask politely that, if you are a fan of child pornography, either with real people or with cartoon people or half-people or whatever, that you just take yourself off of my friends-list today. No hard feelings, no posting about you after you do it, just get out. I don't mean to include people who don't like it but merely might defend the existence of non-real child pornography, simply because I haven't been convinced that it shouldn't be protected against censorship, being a fake-something, and censorship is always something that I need convincing of. But actual fans of the stuff are quite the sort of people I don't want to know or to know me; I am convinced enough that they are unfit for many things, most of all being the hell near me.