April 16th, 2009


You're Smelcome

I think I'm going to get one of those new Creative Vado HD camcorders, as they are only ~$200, and they are super-easy (no flash cards, no tapes, no opposable thumbs necessary), and most importantly, 2-4 hours of ~HD quality video and I can wear it on a lanyard around my neck while walking around at work or a con or whatever and video a POV-style video without aiming or even thinking about it. That is snazzy. Unfortunately I can't find any stores around here that sell it, only the Flip Mino HD (which looks easier and works better on macs, but only has 1h of recording time). I was hoping to get one before my flight Saturday, but looks like that's not gonna happen.

I had been trying some experiment at work like a dozen times with no success and losing my mind (which would suck as I've already got 2 mortages on it already), but tried a new cell line and boom- first time, worked like a charm. Thank god for whoever thought to themselves, "hey, I wonder if grinding up baby mice would be good for science" and actually did it. I want to grind up some baby mice of my own and sell it as toothpaste, or aphrodisiac, or eye-puffiness reducer, or maybe sell it on TV like super-absorbant towels, complete with hooker punching aftermath.

Anyway I've got to pull out my old ironing board and get some clothes packed up today if possible, and find the dog-roofies I got at the vet for dropping the dog off Sat morning. And download some movies on my phone .. and whatever else people do when they travel (I seem to have forgotten).