November 30th, 2008


(no subject)

I had an okay thanksgiving. The flights down and back were all delayed and really sucked, relatively speaking. I fried a turkey once again and it came out very undercooked despite taking almost a dozen temperature readings. We had an unfortunate ratio of white trash:normal guests this year, but at least during the pictures my sister only cursed at me once. I went out to meet my friends and at least that was roughly enjoyable, despite getting a tour of the city which depressed me meaningfully.

The last day my mother gave me approximately 30 pounds of pornography that she had taken from me over the years. In a big paper grocery bag. She told me to sell the magazines and to burn the rest (some of which had been downloaded in the early 90's). She said she was afraid to throw it away because she thought somebody would trace it back to me and I would go to prison. To be fair, a decent amount of it is probably not legal in some places in the US. I never would have thought I'd get a grocery bag full of hardcore porn from my mom; I guess she wanted to get Xmas out of the way early this year..