November 14th, 2008


solid, liquid, gas

I got two bills yesterday: one, a Texas Gas Service bill that reminded me that I've been paying around 11 bucks per month since I moved out of Galveston for no reason as I haven't been living there; I probably did call for disconnect but I dunno for sure so I doubt I can do anything about it. The other was a (new) NWP water bill for my new place for 25 bucks which indicated that I've been living here without being charged for water for the same amount of time. So overall I've been ~15 bucks/month in the black on the affair.

Much thanks to Cougar for fixing the window in my truck that some crackhead broke into at work last weekend. I'm still picking glass out of my ass but at least I don't have a trashbag taped over the door anymore.

I've got the carpet cleaners coming tomorrow morning to wave their magic wands over my gross-ass carpet. Seriously, like level 6 spell needed to clean up all the dog puke and worse that's been deposited after Freya got into a trash bag full of old drive-through last week.

I'm flying into BR for Thanksgiving ($700).