October 22nd, 2007


winding down

I'll be flying in to Baton Rouge this Friday night and back on Sunday for my friend's bachelor party.  I'll be flying in to NOLA the next Friday morning and back that Sunday for his wedding.  Something like 1200 bucks, partially because I didn't have the dates set until it was too late to get decent flight prices.

I am still working 70-85 hours every week, but I got accustomed to it and my anxiety is (a little bit) less.  I am still eating fast food as my one and only meal every night on the way home from work at 8-10.  I am still smoking like a stack and have no libido.  I woke up today at 9:00, and it was so nice.  I took a shower and didn't have to rush, I just walked around and played with the dog, and then finally shuffled off to work.  I stayed until 10 and was a wreck by the end of the day, but the morning was just excellent.

I went to a party Friday night, held by my upstairs neighbors.  I felt like a douche at first but I started drinking liquor and got more comfortable.  I think I got too comfortable as I ended up calling my neighbor a slut and a whore and kind of in a roundabout way called my other neighbor a fag.  I probably won't be invited to their parties as they probably think I am a big asshole.  I don't know why I get mouthy when I am drunk, I just kind of lose my ability to keep my opinions to myself.  I hope I was just remembering it worse than it actually was.  I wasn't even trying to be insulting, it just kind of came out of my mouth and there it was.  I woke up with a hangover and worked about 10 hours, so I kind of got mine.