April 30th, 2007



This was a pretty neat trick, Oh my brothers.

When you can't beat one grandmaster, try to beat 9 instead.

In other news, I tried to remove dents from my truck using science (more specifically, using dry ice), and unfortunately was not the least bit successful. I hope I didn't scratch up the paint. I took it home and filled my kitchen with fog instead.

Another online submission

This is already several days old, but I forgot to mention it when I first read it last week (and what do you people expect from me, headline news?). Retrospectacle had an article up that explained results and listed figures from the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. Wiley Interscience, the publisher of JSFA along with many other journals (including journals in which my boss, but not I, has published research) threatened to sue the blogger and so he took the figures down (actually he just abstracted his own version of the figures and put them in place of the real ones).

Apparently as an outcome of the article (Retrospectacle is one of the more visible science blogs) people want to boycott Wiley Interscience journals. This is unnecessary in my opinion because it wasn't such a big deal, and anyway, Wiley came to their senses and realized that there was no theft or scooping going on.