April 23rd, 2007


at my service

I dropped off my truck at the dealer today, it's going to be something like 600 bucks. I haven't had service since ~30K miles, and I just passed 90K. Oops. Also, my air conditioner switch is broken, so it only turns on if it's set to '5'. Unacceptable in south Texas. I threw my pistol in the back, so I hope it's still there whenever I get the truck back. Thankfully the dealer has a shuttle to drop and pick up. The next step is to get it cleaned inside and out. Then, possibly repainted, or at least touched up from where I french-kissed a 2-foot concrete pillar at work last month.

I went to home depot yesterday and got a free fluorescent Earth Day lightbulb. I wonder if it even works. They made me sign my name to some sort of pledge to get it, so I guess I'm on the FBI tree-hugger list now. I added some letters after my name, I hope they don't mind.

After my truck is dealt with, I'll be dropping my bike at the Harley shop to be severely dealt with. The Galvatraz salt-air has rusted my brake assembly up and frankly it doesn't work well anymore. And my front fork looks like Edward James Olmos' face, so it needs to be replaced. I'm going to have them sandblast and powdercoat it up well and replace those fat nancy chrome spring housings as well. It'll be a 2-week procedure knowing them.

technically only off by a "1"

So I was a bit off. $1600, not $600. FUCKING ouch. This truck had better last forever. Or at least for a few more years until I get rid of it. I still need to get windshield chips fixed (maybe), dents undented, and most importantly, the upholstery shampooed free of dog-smell and all the crap I have failed to get into my mouth as I attempted to eat and drive simultaneously. BB may have to wait for her turn in the shop for a little while.