April 20th, 2007


still taking tests even now

I went to the allergist today to get an allergy test. My state employee BCBS health insurance is going to expire soon, so I want to take advantage of it while I can. I always thought they jabbed you with little intradermal needles on your back, but they just used little plastic things with sub-millimeter prongs on the ends, and I got ~30 different allergens jammed into my inner forearms, from mountain cedar pollen to cockroach allergen, 'dog' and 'cat', various grasses and molds, with a saline and pure histamine control set. It was kind of interesting. I came up negative on all counts (except histamine). I was rather displeased because it left me with no answer to why I am slightly congested in the spring/summer months. The doc seems to think I have different allergy levels in the immune cells in my sinuses than in my skin, although I am wary of this. They didn't have a test for lugustrum, which I know I have a very unusual reaction to. I think I'm going to cut some and make an extract, and do my own skin test for it. While I was there they drew blook for thyroid (my last thyroid test was only done after protesting to my PCP to let me and she lied to me afterwards and told me it was within normalcy), lipids, and usual. All with 30 bucks copay. Awesome.