November 10th, 2006


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I'm ordering another jockstrap online, because my favorite one is getting worn out.  I have more than a handful of them (oh yeah MORE THAN A HANDFUL) but I found that only one or two of them actually hold a hard cup in place without it sliding around like the teacup ride at Disneyworld.  The site I went to apparently is geared towards bi-curious jocks because the models are practically hanging out of half of the straps.  And they sell leather and rubber straps as well, in addition to mesh g-strings.  Needless to say I'm getting 4 dozen of each and I'll be QUITE the hot-stepper at the bingo parlor this weekend.

In other news I think I'm losing my sense of smell, as I can't smell paraformaldehyde anymore.  Also, I am using 'packing cubes' I ordered from to pack my luggage, and they are pretty snazzy.  I'm going to get a few more and everything is going to fit a lot better.

circle of friends

 "well i have been a scaly/fur for 13 yrs only just got in to the sexualy active part of it for 6 months and am looking for other furs or scalys in my area to talk to"

Why oh why did I ever think it was a good idea to moderate a Yahoo group?