September 3rd, 2006


1 tsp per 8 oz

Another new student in swordfighting, a girl maybe 16.  My bet is 4 weeks, no more.

I went to the mall to pick up my glasses, they are okay, for what they cost I hope I die with them on.  I found out there's a Teavana in this mall now.  Oh man I spent way too much, but I gots to get me some green tea.  It's a rule I think.  I enjoyed it.

I bought some jeans, and went home.  I heard a car crash outside my house and decided to walk my dog over to it and gawk like 20 other residents were doing.  Actually I spent more time gawking at the gawkers, as some of them were pretty hot.

This weekend is going to be boring.  I'd rather have spent it in BR but the drive there is just too much.  I think I'll just cook tomorrow, cache, and buy some celery.