July 26th, 2006


Just a question

Poll #778776 A period poll

Do you use 2 spaces after your periods (full stops) or just one?

Always use one space afterwards
Always use two spaces afterwards
Sometimes one space, sometimes two
Use the weird 1.5 space scheme
I never pay attention and cannot hazard a guess



I have gotten quite a bit of car polish on the wrinkle-black powder-coated parts of my motorcycle, and it has stained it a whitish-gray.  I've tried rubbing it off with a water-wet cloth to no success.  Does anyone know a way to get it off without scratching the paint?  I would like to get that nastiness off of it.

muscles and guts

I've been lifting the same barbell for several months now, every day (if I can remember), a crooked short 2" bar with 50 pounds on it, totalling maybe 75 pounds,  I've been doing 2 sets of 10 of curls, bent rows, and military press.  I've been trying to add a 25 pound dumbell triceps press recently but it's really straining my joints.  The last 3 days I've been doing 50 sit-ups as well, trying to make that a habit, to tone my gut muscles.  It's a hard habit to get into.  When I lifted weights in college I could max out the ab machines at their 150 pound limit without much problem, but nowadays I think I'm too weak for it.  After I do all that I'm pumped up to go into the yard and hit the bag, but I've torn it up to where I have to stuff trash and old clothes to hold it up, and it's a mess.  I want to weld a frame up so I can buy one of those 5' hanging bags up.  That would be beautiful. Good equipment is good for motivation.  I think I ripped my muscles though, and it's giving me a weird weakness in both my arms where I can't hold a glass of water still while I drink it, it's all Parkinson's all over the place.  I'm going to have to eat some pills for awhile and hope it goes away.