July 1st, 2006


service with a sneer

We picked up our work HPLC computer yesterday.  The guy had left in the loving care of the new coffee shop on the island, and we picked it up from them.  Those coffee shop guys have a whole different take on the whole "service with a smile" thing, and I think they won't last too long in business because of it.  But apparently my boss' salary is getting cut by 10% because of some kind of NIH funding decrease, so I guess we aren't going to be getting a new machine anytime soon.  Next week I'll have to bring the box to another computer place on the island and see what they can do for it.

I'm going to be teaching the next two swordfighting classes because the dude's going on a trip to China.  I'm glad to get a chance to study up close the padded sparring weapons that we're using, it'll help me modify the ones I'm trying to build.  I need to take a bunch of measurements of them and see what I can do.  Also it's nice to get to practice with them more than 10 minutes per week.

Family's coming in for the weekend.  I don't get monday off, but I do get tuesday off.  WTF is that?