April 12th, 2006




Here, for you my little autoerotic weak-kneed lickspittles. 

I just got back from my house getting MY FUCKING GAS TURNED BACK ON.  I have not taken a proper shower in a WEEK. I have been taking bitch-baths, and sometimes sitting in the tub mixing boiling water with the tap and splashing myself like some kind of Guatemalan child prostitute.  My hair, though only an inch or so long, feels like the video I've posted above.  It was supposed to be turned on Monday, but the fucking retard couldn't find my apartment and then lied and said that he did (and that somehow the form I stuck to the door was invisible) so he wouldn't have to come back Tuesday to fix it.  So, I'm understandably reticent to trust their automatic withdrawal scheme in the future.

I'm going to BR in a couple of weeks to get a family portrait taken by my mother's church.  Because of this I'm not going home this weekend, which I guess makes the first Easter I've not spent with my family (though undoubtedly not the last).  I wonder if my sister relents to going to Easter mass with my mom or if she pitches a fit and refuses.  I suppose I will have to come back to BR sometime in May for mother's day (and therefore my birthday), though I really don't want to.  But then again, most of my days are passed by doing things I really don't want to do.