April 6th, 2006


dodging the draft

At swordfighting class tonight I stabbed a guy in the face with a wooden gladius.  Busted his lip right proper.  For a split-second there, I thought I had gouged out his eye, I had one of those 'oh shit' moments.  I felt the smooshing of his facial tissue on the point of the gladius, it was awesome.  I try to remember shit like that, to recall the memory, when I'm feeling blue someday.  I carry an icepack in my bag so I gave it to him, he'll be allright.

Before I left I worked Freya in the yard, and again after I got home.  She's really interested, but her stamina sucks.  Same with me, I guess.

I also found that the gas company disconnected me.  I had it on automatic withdrawals, and wouldn't you know it, I let it overdraw me and it stopped automatically doing it, and so now I've got to pay the bill in cash tomorrow morning (hopefully) and maybe, just maybe, I'll have hot water again within the next several days.  Until then I'm going to be shriveling my nuts off in some cold-ass water.

Also, like a dumbass I lost all my tax forms instead of sending them to the accountant way back when, so I had to get replacements.  I need to scan it and email it to him tomorrow.  I'm going to be paying like 10 grand in taxes this year plus whatever penalty thanks to my dumb late ass.