March 30th, 2006


What a citation to see

So I booked my flight to Pittsburgh yesterday. I booked the later of two reasonable flights, instead of leaving at 10:20 I'm leaving at 1:20, and arriving around 5:20. This is a little break from the past 2 or 3 years, in which I left in the morning to get there early enough to not be stuck in ridiculous lines and traffic with all my luggage. But the thing is I don't carry much luggage; the past few years I've forced myself to only two carry-on bags, and this year I'm strongly considering taking only one bag, because what the hell do I need to bring a bunch of junk up there for? I bring clothes, my laptop (maybe), some disposable cameras, and shampoo & whatnot. That's pretty much it aside from the stuff I carry all the time (cellphone, iPod, wallet, knife, pen & marker, etc.). I can fit everything I need into one bag, and not have to fight for space on the overhead bin. Anyway, leaving at 1:20 means that I need to get to the airport at 11:50, leave Galveston at 10:20, so that means I can actually go to work in the morning at a reasonable time and do some cell culture work before I leave. I can drop my dog off at the vet too which means I get to keep her the night before. Last couple of years I had to come into work at like 7:30 in the morning to do my cellwork before leaving town, and that sucks.

I'm grading the second of the two exams for the tox course. I just had someone quote Wikipedia for one of his answers..... quoted in in pen... in sloppy handwriting. Please let this guy never have any real important responsibility, seriously. Actually they are doing much better on average for my sections than last year. I am being a little bit more lenient in grading, and most importantly, I added a bonus question. I like bonus questions because it lets me grade harder on the other stuff like I should be and if the kids get inflated grades I can blame the guy who decided to let my questions count for what they did.