March 21st, 2006


(no subject)

I've got a gimp knee again today. It was gimpy yesterday too, for no good reason. Just kind of hurts in one area in the middle of the joint whenever I walk on it, and pain pills aren't really helping. I've gotten it before and it went away in a day, so maybe it'll do that again, hopefully before class on thursday. The other guy in the class is leaving in a couple of months because his fiancee matched to a residency program somewhere, so it'll go back to just me and the other guy for awhile. It's a shame that everybody flakes out like they do, but, well, they do. I wish there were a few people who would join who could take a little pain and put a little effort into it.

And I found that the guy who writes PhD is speaking here on 3/30, which is right after a journal club I can't miss. And it'll probably run over time and it's a day I have swordfighting class. So I may miss some of it, but I'll still go. It should be interesting.