December 8th, 2005


(no subject)

Last night my dog threw up all of the food she ate, plus the brewer's yeast pills and anti-acid-pee pills I give her, all over my hardwood floor.  It was probably 1/3 of a gallon altogether.  I had to scrape it up with a vegetable scooper thing into a trash bag.  Not zesty.

OKAY OKAY PEOPLE I saw the "Radioactive Man" episode on FOX the other day and as you can imagine, when the acid vat scene came up I quoted the most-quoted Simpsons's quote ever to be quoted (or 'quat', as I like to say it) - 'the goggles, they do nossing!'.   WELL GUESS WHAT, that's not the fucking line.  Oh sweet sassy molassy, let the secondlife cities burn and turgid clouds burst with the tears of a thousand internet-nerds, it is not the fucking line after all.  The line is, "My eyes -- the goggles do nossing!"  .  I want you to find a quiet corner of your home or place of business and flagellate yourself across your back-fat a dozen times to redeem yourself for those myriad LJ replies you used that quote in (and it was the only thing you put in the post - putting it in all caps does not make it yours, don't you know).  I'm going to skip the flagellation because I'll just get a boner and proceed directly to searing my palm on the water-heater.