November 1st, 2005


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possible engravings for my mp3 player:

"Pedobear approves of this iPod"

"This unit for herm robot scat twincest ONLY'


"I don't believe it! HABEEB IT!!"

"Police: there are drugs inside this iPod"

"What's blue and floats around? A dead baby in a pool."

"Yesterday this was up somebody's rectum"

"Presented to Brad Patrick for his 30 years of tireless service -- Galveston sex toys, Inc."

"Seven days."

"Behind every satisfied man there's a soggy pillow"



"I could have fed 100 people for what I paid for this"

"Solomon Grundy want pants too!"

"I'm going to kill you
Look behind you right now"

"Baby rapist on the loose -- see you on the playground!"

"I'm fat and lazy and rich -- I love this country"

I'm tired of thinking of these things. Anyone else have any ideas or which one of these is the best?

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I went and ate at a Lebanese restaurant tonight after work, and noticed that they're already setting up roadblocks and soforth for this rally. I guess they're expecting quite a draw, I dunno. They moved it by a month almost at the last minute, so they probably screwed quite a number of people out of being able to go. That's gonna hurt their revenue, as is the fact that it's going to be nipply cold as opposed to hot as they'd planned.

I had a conversation with this black guy at O'Reillys, he always talks to me when I come in. I never heard a black guy speak against quotas/affirmative action before tonight. I was shocked, frankly. But I gotta say, awesome. Shit like that really makes you think of things differently, and I'll never look at a 1/2" combination wrench the same way (STILL LUSTFULLY THOUGH).