September 28th, 2005


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I got off of my ass finally and installed some more of the powdercoated pieces back onto my motorcycle. The rear fender covers, the sissy bar brackets and sissy bar (which had been sitting in battery acid for 2 weeks without stripping -- try THAT shit with paint), the rear spring spindles, and rear turn signal. I also reconnected the speedometer and battery cables, and bolted the seat back on. I was a little worried that the odometer would reset after being disconnected for over a month, but I guess that harley-davidson ROM is okay stuff. I lost some little bolts here and there so I installed some stuff from home depot. Of course, I still need to go back, disconnect half of the bolts, and loctite them so they don't rattle off, but that's not a problem once they're in place. Now I need to find some cheap mirror plate and cut out some replacement rear-view mirrors (the powdercoaters broke mine), and correctly install my rear shocks (I tried assembling them but I get the impression I'm doing something wrong with them). Oh and somehow my brake fluid disappeared from my front master cylinder while the bike was on the jack, so I gotta buy some more and bleed the brakes. I hope there isn't some fancy harley brake fluid that I need to put in there. After that, and butt-splicing my headlamp and turn signal wires back together, and installing my mufflers (whenever the hell they come in), I can see if the thing starts up..

Lots of work there. But I think it will be worth it finally, as the rustbucketry of the bike will become (to an extent) a thing of the past. Then I will have the projects of A) possibly doing the same thing over agaiin for my triple-tree and downtubes, B) attempting to get the performance inhanced a la stage II carb, etc., C) installing the kickstarter, thereby taking a lot of little pieces all apart. And of course the answer will inevitably be D) all of the above.

I took my truck to the carwash today and was cleaning some of the backseat area out, and as I was sweeping the carpet it was literally coming apart in my hands where the battery acid was on it. Not as bad as I thought it was, but still really bad. It deteriorated a blanket, a camera tripod, my old pool cue, cargo netting, all kinds of stuff. That combined with the gallons of dog hair back there is not a pleasant sight at all. And it does still smell like battery acid.