September 20th, 2005


prioritized ambivalence

So as you may have heard, there is a hurricane headed near to where I live, and they have just informed us about 2 hours ago that we are to get the hell out of dodge. I spent the last two hours covering every piece of equipment in plastic sheeting and trash bags, and fighting with several wild-eyed foreign scientists for paper bags of dry ice to stock out -20 freezers to keep our precious precious enzymes safe. Earlier to that, I've been moving various kits and test tubes from our unprotected freezers to our 'protected' freezers, the ones attached to emergency outlets. In fact I just wired our lunch fridge to an emergency outlet to store our 4 degrees antibodies. mmmm aftertaste.

Anyway, I am trying to decide whether to hit the road tonight for baton rouge until Monday, or to wait until tomorrow morning to go, or to go up to LaPorte until tomorrow night so I can go to my swordfighting class, then going to BR, or what. I'm afraid that if I wait until tomorrow night to leave, I'll be stuck in the mandatory evac route, and be forced to drive all the way up I-45 to Huntsville. Either way, I have to go home and cover everything in trashbags, and move my TV upstairs, and bag my photos and HDDs in ziplock bags, and pack up everything for several days and hit the road.

If I go to my mother's house in Baton Rouge, I wonder if she is still housing my grandparents who are waiting out the reconstruction of Katrina there. if so, I'll be forcing my mother to house refugees from TWO HURRICANES, and that is a lot to burden her with I think.

I was just telling everyone at work this morning, "chill out people, quit talking like it's going to be so bad, it'll just pass us by and be no big trouble. However, you will be fighting off hurricane flood zombies later this weekend so go ahead and buy some gasoline." They didn't believe me, but I'm not going to be caught without my boom-stick.

I gots to make a decision about whether to stay or go, and I needs to make it quick...