August 26th, 2005


Was Hehrt, Das lehrt

Tomorrow I'm going up to Humble to take part in the local ARMA "Schwertlager" training camp/gathering for this region. It is supposed to entail two days of all-day armed and unarmed fighting training. On Sunday they'll give me some sort of test and if I pass I'll gain a rank of sorts. I haven't been satisfied with my skills in sparring with the sword lately, but I filled that heavy bag I bought with water and beat the shit out of it for an hour or so in the yard to practice (sort of) some moves. I hope I don't look like too much of a noob as it were (even though I guess I am). I have to be able to answer some info questions about ARMA and the training, but I've always been really good at knowledge-type tests, so I'll go over the material tonight and tomorrow night, and I should be allright for that. I took a sleeping pill and am about to go to bed so I can get up at 5, b/c I've got to be way the hell up there by 8ish.

I got my dead battery charged for free at O'Reilly's (20 minutes, wow), and bought one of those portable jumpstarters. The guy tested my alternator and said it's okay, so I am at a loss for what the reason for the battery drain is. That compounded with the basic ruin of my rear cab is harshing my mellow there. I gotta find a place that sells truck/car floor carpeting. Anyone know who might?

I visited a geocache today after work, to test out my new GPS that I bought to help me find the way to the place my dog was at the other day. I found the cache but there were some guys nearby fishing and I didn't want them to see me pull it up, because I figured they'd steal it. It sounded heavy and full, so I'll go back to it later in the week maybe.

And in pulling my old weightlifting bag out of the mothballs I found my old keychain, which is two skinned and tanned skunk tails which I sewed partially together. I used to leave it hanging out of my pocket, and nobody would bump into me when I walked to work. It was like I had plutonium for god's sake. Anyway, I might rig it up to hang off the back of my bike for decoration, I dunno.
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