August 21st, 2005


qui veut les vieux

My trip to BR was as usual. My mother seemed to be enthused about the gift I picked up for her, a 80-hour Tivo. I couldn't hook it up completely because there isn't a phone line in the living room. I'll try to use one of those radio extensions and see if that works. If not, I guess she'll have to get a jack installed in the wall there.

I broke in my new pool cue. I was hit and miss. My sister's boyfriend is much better then her or me, so it gets old playing with him after awhile. That, and there was the loudest bulldyke pool league tournament going on where we were. I got to see a couple of my friends, but not all of them. I didn't go out on saturday as I was just in a lame mood. I'll probably get yelled at for not seeing the ones I didn't see. Fuck it. I had enough fun hanging out with the lesbians anyway.

I got back to Houston early so I went to Sears and bought some jeans and a few toys from their tool department. Before I left BR I went to the brand new "whole foods' supermarket, which was swanky and had all kinds of hoidy-toidy worldy/wholefoods stuff there. I like that joint; I wonder if there's one in Houston.. I got to drink some orangina, I missed that stuff from when I went to France in high school. Then I saw one of the dudes who fucked my girlfriend and so I left.

Every time I go back to BR I get the impression that there's kind of a renaissance (for lack of a better term) going on there, with leaps toward eclectic or northern culture and expansion like crazy. Rebuilding broken-down parts of the city and massive clear-cutting of long-standing forest area to put up new-architecture shopping centers. I like it okay, but for a few years now I've been worried that the forests in the town (which I've become accustomed to seeing, and for the most part appreciated) will be cut down too much and ruin what was one of the best assets of the city. I guess we'll see. The city is unfortunately losing some of the 'old BR' jewels in the transition though. On the way to the new 'tsunami' restaurant in the fancy new Shaw Center on the riverfront, I noticed that Tabby's Blues box was closed down. I used to love going there and listening to blues played that was never played in any other place in the city, and in a venue that was never artificially made to look 'bluesy' and tattered because it was already tattered, as was much of the stuff in the bar. Just some ice chests on the wall to get canned beer from to drink, and a small stage with some small amps for the guitars. Almost only elderly black people as clientele for the most part. Oh well. Maybe it wasn't shiny enough for the 'revitalized' downtown.

I'm going to be attempting a new recipe with some 'sashimi-grade' tuna tomorrow if possible, hopefully it'll come out well..
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