August 8th, 2005


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On saturday I met up with the dog trainer who the Petsmart trainer recommended to me for Schutzhund.  He let Freya run around in the little area with another younger GSD puppy, and was tossing things around to her and such to see if she was of a good temperament for that kind of training.  She did great, so I went up to see one of the groups he works with, waaaaay the hell up 290 in the hills.  There was a setup there for Schutzhund and Mondio, and a few people there with several sport dogs (rottweilers, malinois, GSD).  I got to let Freya do a few rounds of going crazy for a bite toy being tossed out on a rope, and letting her grab it and run around with it.  She did pretty well for her first time.  I guess I did okay for my first time too, I really wore out my lower back restraining her (she pulls like crazy, for an 8-month old).  I also got to put on a bite sleeve and take a strong bite from one of the malinois, that was pretty cool as well.  Those guys were pretty friendly, and I just kind of chatted with them about music and dogs and all that jazz.  I was there doing the dog stuff off and on from about 6:45 until about 1:30 in the morning. 

The trainer guy told me that Freya looks really promising and so I cut him a check and let him take her home with him that night for about 3 and a half weeks.  He'll be working her several times per week in different areas and with different handlers, and I'll hopefully be able to find time to drive up and get involved when it's appropriate for her training.  It's going to be a little bit lonely without the dog around, but I'll take the opportunity to clean up the inside of my truck from the 10 pounds of dog hair, as well as the apartment.

Also from driving around waiting for time to pass I found highway 1488, which is the awesomest road I've ever seen for motorcycling.  I've got to hit that thing one day, if I can find the time and get my junk situated.