August 2nd, 2005


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I broke the 100 mile mark per tank of gas today. And then at 101.4, ran out of gas, right at the stop light. Luckily, my bike has a reserve tank, which I've always been curious about the distance I could drive on, but wasn't in the mood to find out. So I made it home to pull out the trusty ol' 1-gallon gas can I keep in my truck, and... it was empty. I think it must've leaked out of the stupid 'vented' cap into the bed. So I chanced it after lunch, and made it to the gas station to refuel. I got 102.2 miles, but when I filled up the tank, it was 4.2 gallons. I've NEVER been able to fill that much into the tank before, only 2.5-3 gallons, when the gauge read E.

So I learned today that:

A) The reserve tank will take me at least 7/10 mile

B) The new LED gauge I installed blinks red when you're riding on fumes

C) The tank can hold ~ 4.2 gallons when the primary tank is dry

D) My bike is still only getting ~ 25 miles per gallon

Although I think me taking my new route up to Broadway and back down again to work instead of a straitshot there is giving me longer plug life. Somehow. I need to get my bike disassembled soon if I want to get it coated by my self-imposed deadline of the september bike rally down here in G-town. I'm gonna be ordering a couple parts from Custom Chrome, one of which is gonna be a kickstart. I'm going to be giving the stompy-stompy to fire her up, if it works out. we'll see how my shins take the abuse.

I tried a new food tonight: I made Chapatis, a quick Indian flat bread kind of like tortillas except with wheat flour. I say 'quick', but it took about an hour due to me not owning a rolling pin and having to flatten all 12 pieces by hand. They tasted pretty good too, I Indianized a can of Blue Runner red beans (which is one of the staples of good Louisiana creole cooking, lemme tell you it was no flippant affair not putting some rice and sausage into the mix) and did some dipping. Awww yeah, it was good. That and the the two aged Angus steaks I grilled. I always give Freya the scraps of my steaks, so when I cook she gets her taste too.
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