May 18th, 2005


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Okay people, having a dilemma/crisis/crossroads/xor/notyesquestionmark/lostmythesaurus here.

I guess I bought tickets to the Reverend Horton Heat show at the engine room tomorrow night, bought them several months ago.  But it turns out I have one of those sword fighting classes from 8 till 10, and the show I believe starts at 8 as well.  I'm thinking that the show will start at 8, but the Reverend won't get onstage till maybe 10ish, maybe 10:30 or somesuch.  But I'd have to drive really quickly after the class, which is in Webster, to the Engine Room, which is downtown Houston.  I dunno if I want to go through all the hassle and end up paying for parking, and then only be there for maybe half of the set, and miss the opening bands (which could possibly include the supersuckers, I dunno).  But the money's out of my account for that ticket, and this would be the second time I've paid for and missed the Reverend I think... I've seen him once in New Orleans about 10 years ago (with the butthole surfers, tripping balls, great story) so it's not like I'll go emo if I don't see the show.

I need to figure out what I'm supposed to say when I ask a few professors to be on my dissertation comittee.  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say exactly. I remember I was trying to figure out what to say to the professors I wanted letters of recommendation from as an undergrad, and trying to figure out what to say to my girlfriend's dad when I was going to ask him for her hand in marriage, and what I was supposed to say when I first started writing my dissertation.  In academia you have to learn what to say to people and how to say it, which I suppose has some sort of real-world use.  I'll be great at graduation parties and funerals, I guess.
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