March 22nd, 2005


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I gave my second lecture to Texas A&M this afternoon, sick as a dog.  I caught whatever cold is going around here.  Some HEPA system we have..  This lecture was about hepatotoxicology so i made a point to show some slides of what happens to livers when people drink too much, or try to kill themselves with tylenol.  I was kind of doped up on dextromethorphan and running a bad fever, but I prolly got the point across.  I made an mp3 of the lecture, maybe I'll put it online sometime.

I guess I'm going to Baton Rouge for Easter, though I really don't want to.  I have to miss one of my dog's obedience classes and reschedule her vet appointment, after finding fleas and a few bald spots.  And I guess I can't pick up my bike then, either.  I'm gonna get them to put it on the dyno if there's time. I wanna see what it's running.
I dunno if there's even any work this friday.

Does anyone know when black spring break is this year?  I need to figure out what I'm doing that weekend too.
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