March 17th, 2005


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"Kiss me I'm Irish

I Love you

You're beautiful

I promise I'll call you

I'm not like other guys

I'm only attracted to your mind

You're the only one I think about"

The shirt I'm wearing today. I wear it other days than just St. Patrick's day, too, but everybody just think's I'm a pervert then..

I got a call back from the dealership, she told me that either living in Galveston or a retarded service tech had cross-threaded or permanently clogged and stuck my idle jet screw into the carb and it won't come out. It'll cost as much to drill it and replace the screw as to put in a new carb, because apparently they don't have screws by themselves.. And of course, my extended warranty doesn't cover replacing the entire carb. So looks like I'm paying for a new carb. I'm getting it rejetted like the old one, hope that doesn't cost too much..