February 13th, 2005


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I was invited over to one of my coworker's apartment to watch her cook and eat dinner with her and her son.  I guess I sort of know how to make 5 Indian dishes now, and not some  Food Network bastardization, but actually the way it's supposed to be made.  We'll see how I actually can do it myself, though.

I went to Crate and Barrel and a few other furniture stores today to look at couches and such, but the one I'm considering is like 2 grand.   2 thousand dollars for a fucking couch.  That's a little bit apeshit, in my opinion.  But I do like it.  I want to get a new couch and turn the whole room 180 degrees to fake my mind out and make me think I'm not living in this dump.
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I bought a Tivo today.  I haven't set it up yet, but I'm hoping for the best.  It was only a hundred bucks (after the mail-in rebate), but I want to watch my Adult Swim, Jeopardy, and Star Trek again.  I was thiiiis close to buying a home theater in a box setup instead, but I didn't want to spend the dough without getting my living room resituated first.

Freya weighs 13.8 pounds according to the vet yesterday, so she's grown almost 40% by mass since I got her.  I'm pleased.  She's getting a little mouthy though, and I need to make sure that she stops that before she gets too big.  But maybe I'm too mouthy also..

I went to the new Fry's electronic store yesterday and WOW that place is friggin huge.  They have everything.  I bought some electronics kits to play with and to test out my "Cold Heat" soldering iron I got from ThinkGeek so many months ago, but one of the sets was missing its instructions and my soldering iron fucking broke in the middle of doing the other one....  very nonplussing.  On the upside, they have their checkout scheme together like no store I've ever seen before.  It was awesome.  I'll have to go back and buy another (complete) kit, and just use my old soldering iron "old burny, scourge of fingertips and upholstry everywhere".

I'm trying, for some reason, to be more animated and alive.  The humor I can sometimes throw out like nothing at all is kind of missing now.  I think it's most visibly there when I'm comfortably wrapped in my cold wet blanket of depression and cynicism.  When I try to get up and stand up and move around a little, shake thinks loose, the comfort is gone and with it the funny.  I'm taking this dog on walks now, a lot, and it's the sight of the sun and the clouds outside the context of a weather channel forecast icon that's making me feel uncomfortable.  My boots are sploshing into congregations of dirty water on the sidewalk that a younger me would've called puddles, and I'm getting wet and I'm doing it on purpose.  My dog thinks it's the bee's knees but I'm in some sort of dreamstate, like a fugue where I can't really talk but only feel bits of rain-grit on my pruny fingers and smell my neighborhood as I'm walking through it.  But uncomfortable or not, I'm kind of impelled to not slow down and creak back to a stop, and I have a feeling Freya won't let me anyway.  The funny will have to wait.
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