January 5th, 2005


(no subject)

I got another ticket for parking on campus without a permit, and this time they left a note saying if I park again there they'll tow me.  I love throwing their tickets on the ground, because they don't actually enforce them.  I've gotten dozens of tickets and I don't think I've payed  a single one.  It's kind of a game.  I'll just have to wait awhile before I park again so they'll forget what my truck looks like.  I finally replaced the sparkplug on my bike, as it was fouled again as usual.  I bought some at O'Reilly's and tried to fix the gap in two of them, and they broke.  WTF.  I had to put one in with a really short gap because I was afraid of breaking the damned thing.  I'll have to go to the Harley dealer and get several more.  I wish I could fix this goddamned plug fouling nonsense, but.. that's life.

I clipped my hair yesterday really short again, and I look like some kind of a melonhead.  Like something out of the fifties.  And my facial hair is growing back the blond so I look even more fucked up.  I'm not winning any beauty contests here, contrary to your protests.