January 4th, 2005


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I took my bike down from the truck for hopefully the last time yesterday;  I'm going to order one of those trailer-in-a-bag jobs and just fucking tow it, since with that thing I can simply push or guide the bike up on the little rail and strap it down easy-like instead of ramping that bastard 3 feet up and trying not to drop it or have it fall on top of me when I take it down.  And, it unbolts and stows in a little bag instead of me having to carry three 50+ pound ramps in the bed of my truck..  I could even put my truck box back in!  ooooo fancy shmancy..

It's foggy as hell around here.  I have to keep my wipers on all the time or I'll see nothing but wetness on my windshield, and the air feels wet and heavy.  Kind of nice for riding a motorcycle through, but I could only get one cylinder to fire this morning so I took the truck.  I bet I went through another sparkplug again.  WTF, why am I going through plugs like crazy on this bike?  I think it's the same cylinder every time, too...

I've gotten like 3 or 4 calls from someone in the 952 area code in the past day or two but they didn't leave a message.  Why the fuck doesn't anyone leave voicemail on this phone?  I get about 3 or 4 voicemails a week on my landline from what sounds like either a bus station bathroom or a halfway house or a jail cell with all manner of retards leaving all sorts of half-english messages asking for rides and to borrow money.  I got two collect calls on my voicemail this weekend -- I hope they didn't actually charge me for it.

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