December 29th, 2004


Red and green, without the blue this time around

Christmas was as it always is, though a little less depressing overall than usual. I had my yearly traditional trip to the bar on the 25th to drink away the year's bullshit, and all of that. I believe I made a call to Cougar's voicemail, I don't really remember what I said but I'm sure it was completely suitable for ages 4 and under. I got a crapload of classic (and not so classic) horror movies on DVD, and some PS2 games, some skunk cufflinks from my mother (?) and a new set of neoprene chest waders, which will actually keep my ass dry next time I go duck hunting. I think tomorrow, if I get some time, I'm going to go to the pistol range and knock the dust off my old Hi-Power and my .357, maybe even take my FXDWG off of the truck and go light the pipes. I better get some ride time on my bike, as I didn't load that son of a bitch up there for grins. My mom keeps bugging me to take her for a ride, so we'll see. I got a call from Cougar yesterday as I was going to shoot pool with my sister and her boyfriend (he's pretty good, too), until he broke his phone in the middle of the conversation! ;) I'm really not a phone person, that is to say I really don't like having phone calls last more than about 2 minutes TOPS, but it's good to hear from the old cat outside of just 4 days in July.. Sparks you should give me your number and I can set the phone on 3-way calling/conference call sometime.

I've been thinking for awhile about getting another dog; mine was killed a little over a year ago and I figure a year is long enough to grieve. I'm thinking of a Cardigan Welsh Corgi (we used to raise them when I was a kid) or a German Shepherd. I dunno, I'm still thinking about it. I also made the mistake today of reading one of the Louisiana Sportsman mags they had in the hunting store today, and saw an aluminum boat I would just LOVE to buy and take a welder to, and make it a perfect scubadiving/hunting boat - it's like a baby Higgins landing craft. I'm gonna have that rattling that around in my head for days, I know it. Ooooowee, that thing would be awesome.

Kellic ----- Sorry dude, It's kind of becoming a set thing that Cougar and I are rooming up each AC and I know neither of us really wants to share a bed. I roomed once with more than one other person one year and I totally hated it, it was way too goddamn cramped and I couldn't hang out in the room drinking and yelling and shit until 5 in the morning like I love to do. You've still got around six or seven months to get a room for AC, and I strongly suggest you look at the roomshare thingy on the AC website for available rooms, because there's a shitload every year and you'll totally be able to lower your cost. Good luck.
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