December 21st, 2004


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I guess I didn't realize how many presents I got for my sister and mother until I finished wrapping them all tonight.  I usually just get a couple of expensive things for them for christmas, but this time I just got a lot of little things.  I kind of got a little goofy with it (who wants soba noodles for Xmas?), but shit, I got what I got and that's good enough.  I've packed clothes now also, and I have to check to see if the bookcase I left out in the rain all week is any good for gifting or what.  Then I have to load up several odds and ends, and load my bike on the truck (JESUS I hate doing that), and I'll allllmost be ready to go to Baton Rouge for the week.

I was finishing up the toxicology exam I had today, which said on the cover letter that it was due at 5 pm.  I got an email at 12:30 telling me it was in fact due right then and to immediately email it to the prof.  It was one of those moments where you just have to pull your balls off of the floor and type furiously, furiously and just put words after the question marks to fill in something something and get it out.

And then I tried to screw with an old 33mHz computer hooked to an old spec, which had pretty much burned out its old CGA-looking monitor, and POP! got the ever-loving shit zapped out of my little finger.  I guess the case wasn't grounded or something.  It felt like that time I tried to adjust my motorcycle coil while the engine was running..... I felt it in my arm for hours.  Screw that.

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