December 19th, 2004


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I broke down, I succumbed, as I had rather planned to all along.  I bought a Nikon D70, with a 18-70mm DX lens.  And a high-speed CF card, and some whatnot.  I'm looking forward to taking a lot of pictures of.. I'm not really sure.  This island is pretty grubby.  I tried to find some subjects last year when I bought the Optio, but there weren't any.  Though, I have a better setup and keycard access to a 13 story building 6 blocks from here, so I'm going to see about taking some long-distance shots and maybe go explore some of the churches around here.  That, and take pictures of my latest fishtank additions.

I've got an exam to do tomorrow, and I still have to finish laundry and wrapping/buying gifts in time to leave for BR on Thursday.  Yeah.

The new post-doc in the lab is seriously getting on my nerves.  He's one of these types who, while you're in the middle of explaining something for the first time to him, interrupts you with ways on how it can be changed and how he can take over on the project.  And he's been SERIOUSLY hawking some kind of quacky yoga and herbalism routine on me, wanting me to bend legs round my ears and shit because if I do, I'll never ever have cholesterol problems, etc.  I've tried to explore this whole Indian culture since I've basically been half-immersed in it working here, but I have limits.  I'm not jumping into things that, while interesting, are just plain looney.    I think this is kind of fringe-Indian behaviour anyway, by the reactions of my other co-workers to it.  Freak on, I say, but I like my legs at the height they stand now..
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