December 15th, 2004


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What sucks, subsection 58:

Driving 70 something miles at 10 at night to go see a band play that you've been psyched to go see for weeks, and walking up to the bar to find a big "SOLD OUT" sign right next to the door.

I just stood outside and listened for a little while and then drove right back home.  Goddamnit.

I've been fighting the urge to order a Nikon D70 for about a week now, and I came thiiiiis close several times.  I keep talking myself out of it because I'm not exactly sure that they won't come out with a replacement about 2 days after I get the damn thing.  Also, I have my dad's old N8008 right in front of me and in a purely feature comparison, the 8008 seems to blow the D70 away, even being something like 15-20 years old.  I dunno..  I still need to think about it.  I tried to take the yearly Thanksgiving family photo with it like I always do, but this year it just WOULD NOT cooperate.  It may be just finally konked out, but considering the quality of camera it is I want to fix it if possible, even if I do get the D70.  I'm going to reintroduce myself into the family hobby of semipro photography if possible, but I need to have a decent camera and my damned Optio isn't going to cut it by a long shot (or short shot either, sadly).

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