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December 6th, 2004

no like or as

I finally opened the bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale I bought a few months ago, and with all the warnings on the bottle telling me not to drink it and how I won't like it, I've got one thing to say to those Arrogant Bastard guys: you're absolutely right. I hated it. It tasted exactly like someone had mixed a decent medium ale in with equal parts bile. It was just awful; I tried to keep drinking it, thinking it was some sort of sick indoctrination, like the first few days of NJROTC boot camp, but it didn't get any easier to keep down as I endured. Finally I had to give up in despair. Kind of a self-limiting endeavor with that stuff. Well, I guess it's another lesson learned. It reminded me of college. I must have tasted more bile in my mouth on sunday mornings in college than milk or juice. It's a taste that sticks around for awhile and plants a flag.

I wrapped a few Christmas gifts earlier, mostly books I bought for some young nephews et al. I bought a copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide, a Visual dictionary of architecture (which I already have, it's snazzy), A Wrinkle in Time, and one of my old favs, Where The Wild Things Are. I have a Wild Things teeshirt somewhere, which I picked up the same day on a different whim altogether. I liked that book as a little kid. I had to read it again before wrapping it up. It's funny that I buy books for myself all the time but I never finish them. I read part of them and get distracted or bored or whatnot and feel impelled towards another one. I'm going to be an old man one day in a room full of books I won't know the endings to. Who's good with metaphors?

I'm going to see GWAR, hopefully, next tuesday. I'm looking forward to it, especially because I missed their last show (and the money I spent on the ticket).