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November 15th, 2004

I forgot to pick up the extra mousetraps after killing that mouse in my apartment. I guess it was a good thing, since I found another mouse in one of the traps yesterday. I wonder if there are any more hiding behind my washer & dryer? I've got to tell the landlord about this. I was hesitating before because I don't like him in here when I'm not. But if mice have chewed there way in here, then I guess something needs to be patched up (I bet it's the dryer vent)...

The X-43A scramjet is set for a test to go around mach 10 for a short while, after having successfuly travelled at mack 6.83 earlier. Hopefully one day a mach 10 scramjet could be launched without any help and be available for short bursts like that after being shot at by a missile. But unfortunately, it looks like there's not going to be anything more about it in the future.

With a short burst of mach 10, and the speed of an AMRAAM (as best I can find) of mach 4, that's a hell of an "eat my dust" trail..