September 27th, 2004


bikini girls with machine guns

Well I went to the biker rally on the island today and yesterday. It was really friggin huge this year compared to last year. A lot of nice looking bikes, and a crapload of shitty looking ones. I must have seen 200 baby strollers as well; christ almighty. I got a nice face full of sunburn as well, but I had a good time even though I had to keep riding around and around to find a place to park my bike. The rally was a whole 3 blocks from my house, so I didn't even need to ride it to be honest.

After I got my hearing partially blown out from watching bikes peel out on 25th street, I rode the bike home and got in the truck and drove up to Houston to see THE CRAMPS. I really enjoyed that show. The two opening bands were pretty lame, but The Cramps, people. Except for driving around for half and hour not finding the bar, and about 15 dutch-courage greasers getting into a goddamned fight and almost knocking me off of my barstool, I had a great time. They played way too many covers instead of their own songs, but they played 'em really fucking good. The set was too short, I wanted more. but I got a CRAMPS puke green t-shirt. Unh unh bitch, dig it.

then I got groceries on the way home. I'm fucking whipped. this sunburn is laying me out.
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