August 19th, 2004


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This is the second or third journal manuscript that I've been asked to edit for a friend of one of the post-docs. I don't think I got any recognition in the paper for editing, and I doubt I'll get any for this either. I wonder if I should just not worry about it and use it as an excuse to get practice editing (I just finished editing a book chapter and am in the middle of another right now, which I care quite a bit about, unlike this latest manuscript) and getting a feel for journal referee comments, or if I should make a bigger deal about them acknowledging me. Luckily I can edit really quickly and so this isn't too much of a bother either way for me.

health department prank calls

I called my mom just a little bit ago to wish her happy birthday and she told me that her father just got diagnosed today with bladder cancer. This guy, my grandpa .... Bad hand he's holding with the health cards. This is his third different type of cancer. Well, he beat the other two, so I figure his odds are looking good. I always find it funny when I have to fill out one of those forms for the dentist or for scubadiving, and they say, 'family history of cancer?' and I have to sit there counting on my fingers for ten minutes. Well, good luck to him I reckon.

I got one of those teeth bleaching mouthpieces made at the dentist, and they gave me the plaster molds of my teeth too. My teeth are getting all fucked up again in terms of alignment. I did not wear those goddamn braces for all those years, with the rubber bands and the nasty retainer, and have this damned wire epoxied to the inside of my bottom teeth, and have all those (somewhere around a dozen) teeth pulled or scalpelled out of my mouth throughout my childhood, so my teeth could go back to shit. I'm going to have to find me an orthodontist and see about what I can get done.

P.S. Goddamn you people, weren't pokemon bad enough as they were?
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