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August 15th, 2004

But does it play mahjongg faster?


I went to work today for just a little while and it turned out to be 5 hours. And I have to go back for another 3 tomorrow. Thank god for my network connection and mp3 player. I'm going to make a couple of Wikipedia pages just for fun. They're quite lacking in molecular toxicology pages, don't ya know. I've half-made one today, but I'll finish it later.

I went down to the seawall and walked down past the beach area and into the breaker area, where there's ony large square stone blocks instead of sand. I layed down and got myself some sun. It stinks down there and there are wierd silverfish/rolypoly bugs scurrying all oveer the place, so I didn't stay more than about 45 minutes. Kind of lame, really.

Bee to tha Errrrd

Happy birthday to pshaw_raven, yo.

Aug. 15th, 2004

I bought a ticket for Social Distortion, finally playing a show round these parts. Dig it. Also I bought a ticket to see the 'Stro's playing the Rockies at Minute Maid Park. Got me a seat behind the dugout! I'm excited. I don't even like baseball, but the stadium is supposed to be really nice, and shit, what the hell else have I got going on.. I wish I knew how long those games typically last so I'd know whether to plan anything else for the day.