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July 17th, 2004

Jul. 17th, 2004

thefurredreich. dubbelyoo teee eff. What an 'eclectic' mix on her interest list. It's gotta be a joke.

I've got raccon eyes again from riding around all day without sunblock on. I tried to go to the movies in Houston, but the parking up there was in-fucking-sane. There are way too many convention centers and parks and stadiums and theaters in such a small area. I was starting to get high from huffing all that car exhaust, and the dehydration was making my eyesight go wonky (maybe my eyeballs were dessicating). Some woman shopping with her kids walked up to me and asked for 3 dollars. I was kind of speechless for a second. Not too speechless to say no, but I was still taken aback. Inner city groceries, I guess.. I tried some sea snail tonight at the sushi joint. It was good. Then I had this little piece of marinated herring and instantly got the trots. Bad, too. I was all 'check please!' and got the hell out of there. And that's the image I'll end the post with.